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DEEP BREATH: Why Date? | DateOxygen.com


We’ve only been doing it for a few centuries. And, we’re the only species on the planet that does it. So it’s thoroughly understandable that dating can be nerve-wracking, frustrating, and downright maddening at times. So why do it? Why date???

Well, there really are lots of perks. 

Why date if you’re single and it’s beginning to feel like a chore? Because it…

Recharges your self-assurance. When someone other than a family member or your dog finds you fascinating enough to spend a few hours and some hard-earned on, one’s ego gets a satisfying little boost or reassurance. The more boosts it gets, the more permanent the effect.

Keeps you interesting. All work and no play make Jack or Jill quite dull.

Increases your IQ. Your Emotional IQ, that is. Dating is in-the-field training on how to make others feel good.

Makes you feel & do better. Infatuation causes the release of chemicals that do more than just make you feel good…they also spur creativity, decrease depression, boost your immune system and lengthen your life.

Why date if you’re well into a mutual vow with another and you don’t really feel like it? Because it…

Rekindles fun. Do you really want the fun to end? Life can suck if you can’t set aside the To Do list for some joint fun at least several hours every week.

Resuscitates the butterflies. Think of a date as Red Bull for the relationship. Getting out of your sweats and sharing a unique experience rekindles interest in each other and refreshes conversations reminding you both why you paired up in the first place.

Demonstrates love. Love is a verb…you gotta go do it. Consistently.

Keeps you guessing. While predictability may be comforting in the big picture of life, the death of the surprises in a relationship acts like a mental anesthetic.

Intensifies your bond. The couple that plays together stays together. Every time you have an experience together, you strengthen your bond. And, take it from us…a restaurant chair is far more comfortable than a therapist’s chair.

And, no matter what phase of a relationship you’re in, dating bonds you to your place. A small town becomes more interesting…and, a big city feels a fraction of the size when you’re actively engaged in it.

Yes, planning dates takes some time, effort and varying amounts of money. But, if you’re in San Diego, your life just got a whole lot easier.

Welcome to Date Oxygen.

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