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DATE MEMO: Reviving Lupercalia + Unique Valentines Day Gifts

TO:  All Daters
FROM:  j.e. doré, Date Guru @ Date Oxygen
SUBJECT: Unique Valentines Day Gifts

DATE MEMO: Reviving Lupercalia + Unique Valentine Gift Ideas | DateOxygen.com


Over the past several hundred years, Valentine’s Day [formerly known as “Lupercalia”], has evolved into a mostly obligatory and highly predictable day tainted by commercialism.

Replacing the personal greetings and handmade gifts of yore are mass-produced Hallmark cards and grossly overpriced long-stemmed red roses. According to the Greeting Card Association, about one billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year…second only to Christmas. And, you might [or might not] be surprised to know that women are the ones doing 85% of the sending!

This Date Guru prefers the way it used to be.

Valentine’s Day originated as an impassioned fertility and matchmaking festival in pagan Rome known as “Lupercalia.” In one of countless attempts to eradicate all things pagan, a particular pope decided the day was better suited to honoring another martyred saint.

In the interest of honoring history and true romance, we at Date Oxygen want you to ditch commercialism and revive the impassioned spirit of Lupercalia!

Here are some gift ideas to stimulate your imagination:

Reviving Lupercalia +
Unique Valentines Day Gifts

This February 14…

♥ Commit in writing to expressing your love consistently every single day.
♥ Give the gift of regular date nights from this day forward…complete with date souvenirs.
♥ Have you been afraid of doing or saying something in your relationship? If so, wrap up your vulnerability in a huge box and present it to your Valentine.
♥ Institute a weekly “Racy Reading Night” and read some “Her-otica” together.
♥ If it’s been suffocated, immediately and passionately resuscitate chivalry in your relationship.
♥ Authentic interest and avid listening are stimulating foreplay for women. Guys, create a list of questions to ask her…and, never forget her answers.
♥ “A kiss is an application for a better position.” ~ Jeff Rovin. Even if you’ve been together for decades, one should always strive for a better position! How about revving up your smooch by reading up on the art of the kiss?
♥ Consult our Date Memo on the Meaning of Flowers and choose a fitting flower that is not price-inflated by the powers that be.
♥ Make a note of your lover’s favorite things and make sure they show up regularly.

Just say NO to Hallmark this Valentines Day and check out these Date Memos for more priceless gift ideas:

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