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BOOK REVIEW: True Love by Daphne Rose Kingma

BOOK REVIEW: True Love by Daphne Rose Kingma | DateOxygen.com

 TITLE: True Love

 AUTHOR: Daphne Rose Kingma

 GENRE: Relationships

 BUY: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Half.com

“Witty, poetic, and exuberant, ‘True Love’ offers an illuminating approach to exploring and expanding the psychological, emotional, and spiritual possibilities of love. It contains an introduction to the essence of love and more than 60 entries to help the reader enrich his or her relationship.” ~ Goodreads.com

A Mini-Lesson a Day May Just Keep the Tiffs Away

Dismissed as Christmas stocking fluff, True Love sat on my nightstand for over a decade. The only time I picked it up was when I rearranged my interior décor in the hopes of jazzing up my monotonous married life.

It was only after passion ignited my post-divorce soul that I became intrigued by the tiny book leaning against my bedside lamp. The next day, upon turning the last page, I was pretty astonished with its massive content.

Honestly, True Love should be on the shelf of every couple’s library.

Why? First [and foremost], it’s petite size is not likely to glaze those get-to-the-point man eyes. Each 6”x6” double page spread is a complete “chapter”. Each of the 60 “chapters” concisely [and often humorously] cover a certain aspect of relationships in its entirely. In less than 72 square inches of print and 10 minutes of time, you and your partner can learn a little lesson that has the potential to bring about giant changes.

Chapters include…

  • Love is a Process, Not a Destination
  • Your Sweetheart Isn’t You
  • Relationships Have Seasons
  • Reveal What Makes You Feel Loved
  • Fight the Good Fight
  • Apologize, Apologize, Apologize

Second, this book is thoroughly on point. Seriously.

If you need yet another reason to get this book, look at the calendar…stocking and basket season are probably coming up fast and creative gifts for your love are a must.

SUGGESTION: Use this book as a tiff diffuser. Rather than escalating your respective feelings by debating or arguing your respective points until you’re blue or red in your respective faces, simply find the “chapter” that best fits your perspective, have your partner do the same, and have a mutual reading session. With respective motivation, it really works.

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