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DATE MEMO: Daily Treats for Your Lover

TO: All Daters
FROM: j.e. doré, Date Guru @ Date Oxygen
SUBJECT: Daily Treats for Your Lover


DATE MEMO: Daily Treats for Your Lover | DateOxygen.comWe may grow up, but we all still love treats.

Why not spoil your lover with special doodads and trinkets just because? Here are 30 daily treats for your lover to keep you going for a full month…

  1. A mind blowing dessert [if you’re in San Diego, you’ll find one at Chocolat or Extraordinary Desserts]
  2. real kiss
  3. A book on love [like True LoveThe Path to Loveor The Five Love Languages]
  4. Retro candy [San Diegans can find some at North Park Vaudeville Theater]
  5. Homemade cookies
  6. A symbolic flower [see our Guide to Flowers]
  7. Girl Scout Cookies [you get extra points when they’re out of season]
  8. Lottery tickets
  9. A can of whipped cream
  10. A brand new box of Crayons and a pad of white paper
  11. A CD burned with love songs or sexy songs
  12. An unusual succulent plant [you can make a cool succulent arrangement at Pigment]
  13. A loaf of fresh baked bread from the local bakery
  14. A Lifesaver book
  15. A fresh donut [if you’re anywhere near North Park, head to Streetcar or Nomad Donuts]
  16. A homemade artisan cocktail
  17. A retro toy [maybe a hula hoop, Playdoh, or a Slinky]
  18. A sexy pair of underwear [from Kapreeza in San Diego!]
  19. Some gourmet tea [the master at Mad Monk Tea will help you pick the right one]
  20. A bar of artisanal soap
  21. A pair of designer socks
  22. Bubble bath
  23. A bottle of gourmet soda
  24. A stuffed animal
  25. Gourmet popcorn [if you’re near downtown San Diego, you’ll find the best at Crunch Time]
  26. Gourmet cheese [if you’re in San Diego, check one of Venissimo’s locations]
  27. Gourmet salsa & chips
  28. Ingredients for a root beer float [or a peanut butter stout sundae from Belching Beaver!]
  29. A box of popsicles
  30. A love note

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