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DEEP BREATH: Text Etiquette and Conversation

DEEP BREATH: Text Etiquette and Conversation | DateOxygen.comLife is too short for abundant pet peeves. But, this Date Guru has a few. One of the biggest is the lack of text etiquette and conversation manners these days.

Imagine you’re having a face-to-face conversation with someone and suddenly…WHOOSH! The rush of air left by their abrupt departure causes you to blink. A typical initial reaction you might have would be…what the heck??? This would likely be followed by some attempt at solving the mystery of their unexplained disappearance.

You might wonder…did I miss the cue that concluded the conversation? Did I say something offensive? Was there a tragic emergency? Are they just not interested in me?

Fast forward several hours or an entire day and your former conversation partner suddenly pops up in front of you as if nothing happened and resumes the conversation or starts a brand spanking new one with no mention of the incomplete one. A bit strange, right?

In this hypothetical scenario, the lack of manners is obvious. But, for many, there are a different set of rules that apply to the virtual world. In fact, most text “conversations” end abruptly without a warning, conclusion, or a goodbye.

Please, just say no to real or virtual whooshes. Make text etiquette and conversation manners a priority, especially with your romantic love interest.

Try using one of these virtual conversation closers for starters:

  • Bye!
  • CYA
  • TTYL or TTYS
  • Great talking to u
  • Gotta run now…to be continued!

And, don’t forget to go retro every so often and pick up the phone, dial, and speak. There’s no replacement for a live conversation. 

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