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Forget the Rules

FUN DATE IDEA: An Urban Winery, Russian Cuisine and Improv Comedy San Diego | DateOxygen.comOn this fun and quirky evening, you’ll be letting go of the uptight and forgetting all the rules. A pre-show glass of wine or two at a local urban winery will help you loosen up. After all, there’s no telling what may happen when it comes to eight goofballs improvising comedy in a tiny cabaret theater. And, you surely won’t be breaking any rules when you scribble on the walls before, during or after a Russian-Georgian dinner.

  • WHERE: North Park
  • VIBE: Eat & Drink, Music & Theater
  • WHEN: Evening
  • HOW LONG: 2-4 hours, 4-6 hours
  • MEAL: Cocktails, Dinner
  • DRESS: Casual


  1. Sip on wines and munch on charcuterie at…
  2. Encourage wildly inappropriate improvisational behavior at the 8:00 pm show at…
  3. Stroll in the crosswalk to a quirky Eastern European delight…
  4. If there’s laughter and energy still flowing through your veins, grab a cocktail by the pool at…


  • Any personal rule that you can toss out tonight in the interest of soaking up the theme of this date? 
  • Memorialize your date by writing something on the wall [or ceiling] of Pomegranate…it makes for a great date souvenir you can revisit when you come back here in the future.


  • You’ll only need to park your car once and walk less than a block to go to all stops on this date.
  • Reservations are a MUST at Pomegranate.
  • If you don’t want to eat as late as 9:30-ish, head to Pomegranate before catching Finest City’s later show.


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