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Gettin’ Naughty in a San Diego Gaslamp Speakeasy

Gettin' Naughty at a San Diego Gaslamp Speakeasy | DATEOXYGEN.COM

Gettin’ Naughty in a San Diego Gaslamp Speakeasy

Larry Flynt fought hard in court for your right to go on a naughty date…do NOT let his efforts be wasted! Begin this date sipping a retro aperitif in one sexy San Diego Gaslamp speakeasy. Savor the architecture while walking to the adult “toy” store where you’ll embark on a stimulating and educational shopping excursion. Cool down while you stroll over to a Tiki Bar for a replay of retro cocktails and maybe a pu-pu platter. Will the date end here? Hopefully, it’s just the beginning.


  • WHERE: Downtown
  • VIBE: Eat & Drink, Shop, Spice, Learn
  • INVESTMENT: $$, $$$, $$$$
  • WHEN: Evening, Night
  • HOW LONG: 0-2 hours, 2-4 hours
  • MEAL: Cocktails, Dinner
  • DRESS: Classy, Club




  1. Sexy people don’t eat early. Start sipping no earlier than 7 p.m. at…
    Prohibition Liquor Bar
    548 5th Avenue
    San Diego CA 92101
  2. Restrain your excitement as you walk to…
    Hustler Hollywood
    929 6th Avenue
    San Diego CA 92101
  3. Cool down while you stroll back in time for more vintage cocktails…
    Cat Eye Club
    370 7th Avenue
    San Diego CA 92101


  • Surprise your date with some juicy knowledge about some of the spicier Gaslamp buildings during your walks…
    • 837 5th Avenue (1888) — Wyatt Earp’s Gambling Hall & Saloon used to house the Golden Poppy Hotel run by fortuneteller Madame Coara. Ms. Coara would parade her brightly colored prostitutes in the streets during the day. In the evening, men would come to purchase a certain colored marble.
    • 820 5th Avenue — In the 1890’s, a dentist with an office on the second floor was performing abortions. When the police raided his office, he met them at the top of the stairs with a gun to his head. He shot, but missed the (apparently very small) target.
  • If you don’t think two speakeasies are enough, or you prefer something more intimate than a Tiki Lounge, there’s always The Noble Experiment. Don’t forget to text them WELL ahead of time…as in several days or a week before your hot date. 
  • If you and your date haven’t read the first, second, or third volume of Fifty Shades of Grey, the trilogy would make an excellent pre-purchased date souvenir.


  • For obvious reasons, some serious sensitivity is required before planning this date. Use discretion and only choose this date if you are able to answer the following questions appropriately:
    • Is this your first or second date? (If so, it’s WAY too soon!)
    • Are you and your date truly intimate enough to venture into naughty territory?
    • Are you pushing your date too far out of his/her comfort zone?
    • Are you willing to pay extra attention to – and be fully respectful of – your date during the date?
  • Let your date know to wear appropriate attire and comfortable shoes for walking…or plan on taking advantage of those annoying, but sometimes necessary, pedicabs. Prohibition has a dress code…collared shirts required (for men) and no sandals or athletic shoes allowed.
  • If you prefer a full dinner instead of appetizers, check out the Gaslamp Strip Club. Reservations recommended.
  • In case you prefer a later visit, or need to return back for more, Hustler Hollywood is open until midnight during the week and 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.
  • If you loved this date, be sure and check out one of our other spicy dates: A Night to Remember!


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