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DATE MEMO: Priceless Gifts for Her

TO: The Guys
FROM: j.e. doré, Date Guru @ Date Oxygen
SUBJECT: Priceless Gifts for Her

DATE MEMO: Priceless Gifts for Her | DateOxygen.com


Gentlemen…take Mr. Emerson’s profound quote to heart and opt for one of these priceless gifts for her on the next special occasion. If you’ve got a good one, just watch what happens when you spend some heartfelt effort instead of cold hard cash.

This is just inspiration. Tweak it or expand on it…just use it.

➽ The Bucket List – Give her the gift of a book of blank pages to be filled by both of you with things to do, people to see, and places to be. Find an artsy bound journal, tie a funky pen to it, and write a note inside with the instruction that together you will fill it and together you will live it. (Recommended DO2 Sources: Progress, Pigment, Noon Designs, and Tree of Life.)

➽ The Romance Kitty Jar – Decorate a large jar and attach a note with the following three items: 1) the specific actions that result in a mandatory $1 deposit by one or both of you; 2) the deadline for use of the money; and, 3) the terms for spending the wad that romantically benefits the both of you.

➽ The “I See You” Declaration – Write or type a list of everything you know about her…down to the tiniest detail and big enough to fit in an 8×10 frame. Don’t forget a photo…either mounted in a corner or seen faintly behind your writing. Wrap it up with some Kleenex. [Use this list to do some pre-declaration reconnaissance.]

➽ A Romantic Mixtape/Playlist – In addition to her favorite mushy songs, check out Date Oxygen Pinterest board: “There’s Nothing Like a Great Love Song.”

➽ A “Love Song” – Written and performed by you…solo or with amateur or professional accompaniment. I promise you…it matters not if you have an ounce of musical talent.

➽ “52 Dates” – The promise of a date every week for a year. [Relax…you have Date Oxygen to help you now.]

➽ A “How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways” Poem – Frame or bind this serial poem in a way that enables you to add a stanza on random and special occasions of your choice.


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