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BOOK REVIEW: Making Sense of Men


 BOOK REVIEW: Making Sense of Men by Alison Armstrong | DateOxygen.comTITLE: Making Sense of Men

AUTHOR: Alison A. Armstrong

GENRE: Relationships

BUY: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Half.com

Step into the world of Alison Armstrong, where love, care and attention from men are normal and relied upon – a way of life for every woman. Do you have to sell your soul? Not even close. This book can be your guide, an unexpected friend, even a prophecy for your future. Funny information-packed text, illustrative charts and enlightening side-bars will deliver priceless insights into men, their motivations and their inspirations. Making Sense of Men will teach you why men pursue some women for sex and others for heart-felt relationships, how to tell when a man is emotionally involved, how to inspire generosity and attentiveness in all men, and how you can be strong and successful without discouraging men. ~ Goodreads.com

The Glorious Simplicity of Men

What does it tell you that a book entitled Making Sense of Men is a mere 73 pages?

It tells you that men are, by nature, simple…that they live by a pretty consistent formula. The problem is they rarely talk about it, which is precisely why women desperately need the assistance of professional prodders like Alison Armstrong.

Easily read in a day, Making Sense of Men clearly and concisely summarizes the results of Ms. Armstrong’s queries of hundreds of men. She begins by divulging the top four physical attributes that spark a guy’s initial attraction to a woman and ends with the top four emotional traits that fan this precarious spark into a full-fledged heart-and-soul warming flame.

Not only is this mini-manual an invaluable resource for single women in search mode, but it also serves as an excellent fan to aerate the glowing embers of a long-term fire. Buy it or borrow it…just get it.

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