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DATE MEMO: Love Trivia

TO:  All Daters
FROM:  j.e. doré, Date Guru @ Date Oxygen
SUBJECT:  Love Trivia

DATE MEMO: Love Trivia | DateOxygen.comMessage:

Love is far from trivial and one can never know too much about it. Here is some love trivia to boost your amorous knowledge…

♥ The heart is the symbol of love as it has long been believed to be home to the soul and emotions…precisely why it’s the target of those feisty little love gods, Eros and Cupid.

♥ A stamp placed upside down on an envelope means “I love you.”

♥ The first known love song was written 4,000 years ago in Mesopotamia. These early love songs sounded much like today’s, proving that love really is timeless.

♥ The saying “wearing your heart on your sleeve” goes back to medieval times when young men and women would draw the name of a valentine and wear it on their sleeve for a week.

♥ Romance is America’s true pastime – romance novels generate more revenue than baseball.

♥ Research has shown that both men and women tend to choose spouses that remind them of their mother.

♥ Best gift given in the name of love: the Taj Mahal. Mughal Emperor Shahjahan spent the labor of 20,000 men over 20 years to demonstrate his monumental love for his woman…obliterating any and all future excuses offered up by lazy men for an eternity.

♥ Studies have found that husbands who kiss their wives goodbye before leaving for work not only have a higher income, but live five years longer than those who don’t.

♥ Two powerful enemies of love: hypopituitarism [a disease that makes one unable to feel the euphoria of love] and anti-depressants [which inhibit two mandatory ingredients of love: emotions and obsessive thinking].

♥ The French got nothin’ on the Germans….there are 30 German words to describe the act of kissing.

♥ The first record of a wedding ring dates back to ancient Egypt. The circular shape symbolized eternity and served as a reminder of the powerful sun and moon gods.

♥ Modern honeymoons were initially frowned upon by the prudish set who thought it distasteful to advertise the deflowering of a maiden who was putting her frail self at risk by traipsing around the world.

♥ Although red roses are the traditional flower of love, different colored roses and other flowers convey their very own unique love message. Check out our “Guide to Flowers” to speak in blooms.

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