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DEEP BREATH: The Art of the Kiss

DEEP BREATH: The Art of the Kiss | DateOxygen.comDEEP BREATH: The Art of the Kiss
[Kiss Trivia]

The kiss is one of the most intimate acts between two people. Arguably more intimate than full blown sex. Let’s dive into some kiss trivia

What is a kiss?

It’s a sensual dance between lips, tongues, entire bodies. Tender, passionate, comforting, quick or lingering, a kiss comes in many varieties. Unlike other passionate climaxes, a real kiss is almost impossible to fake, so pay close attention as it will often tell you what you want [or don’t want] to know about your [or your partner’s] true feelings.

If you’re kissing the “right” person, that amazing feeling you have isn’t all in your heart…it’s a legit and very positive chemical explosion. A passionate kiss actually boosts your hormone and oxytocin levels making you calmer, friendlier and far less likely to have a lovers’ spat. You know how someone’s attractiveness increases exponentially when they can really dance? The same [or better] is true with a master of kissing.

Quotes About Kissing

  • “Then I did the simplest thing in the world. I leaned down… and kissed him. And the world cracked open.” ~ Agnes de Mille
  • “Who would have thought something so small could be so everlasting. Something so minute would be the thing I spend most days waiting for.” ~ Oscar Lush
  • “There is the kiss of welcome and of parting, the long, lingering, loving, present one; the stolen, or the mutual one; the kiss of love, of joy, and of sorrow; the seal of promise and receipt of fulfillment.” ~ Thomas C. Haliburton
  • “Is not a kiss the very autograph of love?” ~ Henry Finck
  • “kisses are a better fate than wisdom.” ~ e.e. cummings
  • “Kissing is like drinking salted water.  You drink, and your thirst increases.”  ~ Chinese Proverb

Books About Kissing

Tips on Kissing

  • No one wants to kiss sandpaper…keep those lips smooth with nightly applications of an effective [natural] lip balm
  • Eat strawberries before a really special kiss to increase your sweetness.
  • Nibble, don’t bite.
  • Use those hands…passionately.
  • When you’re near his/her ear, don’t hesitate to whisper.
  • Involve your entire body…and soul.

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