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About DateOxygen.com - Your FREE source of FUN San Diego date ideas

San Diego date ideas with the help of DateOxygen.com

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Love is a VERB…You gotta DO it.

Not only do you bond more with a place when you dig a little deeper to find the best of its indie businesses, but your relationship gets a huge boost as well.

Created by Janet Doré, DATE OXYGEN was born to help the “little” businesses and to veer couples OFF-THE-BEATEN PATH. It’s your FREE source for unique and fun date ideas in San Diego.

Janet [AKA THE WANDERING EX-HOUSEWIFE ] is a California lifer who left her quiet NorCal nest in 1985, and headed south to SAN DIEGO in search of urban stimulation. Her passion for exploring was ignited in Tahiti in 1991, when her tongue met Poisson Cru and she tasted FREEDOM on a French-style beach. More than 20 years and 17 countries later, she’s adept at rooting out real gelato and an AUTHENTIC French macaron, danced underground in Europe, bared herself at a coed naked German sauna, morphed into a craft beer AFICIONADO since moving to San Diego’s #1 beer hood…and, most importantly, become an expert at seeking out the COOLEST of experiences wherever she happens to be in the world.