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A DEEP BREATH: How to Fix a Relationship Rut

DEEP BREATH: How to Fix a Relationship Rut | DateOxygen.com

RUT [ruht]
noun – a fixed or established mode of procedure or course of life, usually dull or unpromising. Synonyms – daily grind, grind, pace, rote, same old stuff, schtick, slot.

One of the primary reasons Date Oxygen exists is to help fix couples fix relationship ruts.

Ruts are insidious and can infect our daily routines, our career, and our relationships. They drain the life out of people, the passion out of relationships, and the zest out of life.

Do you suspect a relationship rut? An afflicted couple may exhibit one [or many] of the following symptoms:

  • monotonous daily routines
  • a hefty lack of motivation
  • rampant boredom
  • disgruntlement and discontent
  • hypersensitivity and/or excessive irritability
  • obsessive fantasizing about a movie star, co-worker, neighbor, etc.
  • an inability to disconnect from smartphones and/or laptops
  • more investment in hobbies than in each other
  • chronic TV watching, especially sports and reality shows
  • no more hot dates

If you often find yourselves trapped in lengthy lines at the local gigaplex, eating mass-produced deeply fried meals at national chains, or in prone positions on the sofa, it’s quite likely you’ve contracted a relationship rut.

Because relationship ruts are difficult to cure and can lead to permanent or temporary separation, treatment must begin as quickly as possible. The good news is that with a joint commitment to sharing new experiences and eradicating monotony, a rut can be put into a state of remission.

Start with these effective remedies:

  • Identify a couple of your dominant traits and start demonstrating the opposite ones
  • Switch roles with your partner
  • Ditch (3) habits
  • Do one spontaneous thing every single day
  • Commit to do a physical activity together
  • Make a daring change in your physical appearance [i.e., hairstyle, wardrobe, etc.]
  • Team up in the kitchen and start cooking together
  • Conquer meditation together
  • Avoid all national chains and only eat, shop and drink local
  • Go on one fresh date a week
  • Make sense of each other out [if you’re a woman, start with Making Sense of Men]

Just because a relationship rut is in remission doesn’t mean it’s can’t come back with a vengeance. Be consistent and committed to these remedies to avoid a relapse!

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