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DATE MEMO: Dating Dos and Don’ts

TO:  All Daters
FROM: Date Oxygen
SUBJECT:  Dating Dos and Don’ts

DATE MEMO: Dating Dos and Don'ts | DATEOXYGEN.COM

Dating is a challenge. If you want to impress, here are some dating dos and don’ts to make it a little bit easier on you:

Dating Dos and Don’ts for the Date Initiator

✖︎ DON’T be unimaginative or pawn the job of planning a date off on your date.
➽ DO be creative and invest some time in searching our dates!

✖︎ DON’T miss (or ignore) your date’s spoken OR unspoken desires.
DO be flexible and allow for spontaneity.

✖︎ DON’T ever wind up short on cash.
DO make it clear up front that the date is entirely your treat.

Dating Dos and Don’ts for the Date Recipient

✖︎ DON’T complain or criticize anything even if…                            (fill in the blank).
DO compliment your date’s planning efforts and choice[s] of venues.

✖︎ DON’T ask to change any part of the date unless you’re 150% sure you’ll seriously improve it and no feelings will be hurt.
DO respect the plan.

✖︎ (If you’d like an encore) DON’T leave the next date up to chance. Ask!
DO sincerely thank your date.

If you’re overwhelmed by the whole process of dating, you might want to take a moment and read this: Why Date?

And, always remember to keep a tight hold on your sense of humor. Here’s some help from Aziz Ansari:

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