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DATE MEMO: Date Souvenirs

TO:  All Daters
FROM:  Date Oxygen
SUBJECT:  Date Souvenirs

DATE MEMO: Date Souvenirs Ideas | DATEOXYGEN.COM


Sorry to be a downer, but your ability to recall will deteriorate with every passing year.

Imagine how awesome it would be to sit down with your love in a quarter of a century and reminisce over a box of mementos you saved from every single meaningful date.

It takes very little effort (or cash) to make this happen, so start snatching up the following on future dates:

➽ “To Go” menus

➽ Business cards

➽ Wine corks (to be used later to make a bulletin board or trivet)

➽ Cardboard coasters

➽ Movie stubs or theater program

➽ Sand or shells (from your beach date)

Flowers or leaves (purchased or from nearby vegetation)

➽ Whatever you can snag without getting a smack on the wrist (or worse)

Jot down a little note on every memento (with a permanent pen) and put it in “The Date Box.” If you don’t already have a box, you can pick one up at Michaels, The Container Store, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Target, etc.

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