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INSIDE SD: The Great & Powerful Oz

INSIDE SD: The Great & Powerful Oz (Chef Oz from Cueva Bar) | DateOxygen.com

Writers are a lot like that kid in the movie Sixth Sense who saw dead people. But, instead of unsettled spirits, writers see untold stories. Everywhere. In every experience. I’ve learned that it’s futile to do anything but accept this fate and share the stories with whomever will listen. Luckily, there are many who will listen, because the world is captivated by interesting places, fascinating characters, passion, adventure, and heart. Enough about the warped state of a writer’s spirit and on with a delicious story…

Once Upon a Time…

Once upon a time in the city of Monclova, Mexico, there lived a little boy named Osvaldo, called Oz by those who loved him. Like the spritely early bird, Oz would spring from his bed each morning bursting with energy and hungry for more. More than plain cereal or pan dulce…it was eggs he wanted! After many unsuccessful attempts at rousing his drowsy mother, he decided to learn how to cook those eggs for his breakfast. Poached, fried, and rarely without some rice and beans.

After too many breakfasts to count, Oz grew into a tall man with big dreams. One day during a time of study and great mirth, Fate paid him a visit. A visitor from a faraway land crossed his path. As Fate would have it, this visitor was a twin who told Oz about her equally beautiful other half called Joanna. Soon Oz and Joanna began to write to each other every day. It didn’t take long for Oz to begin trading mirth for coins in order to hear Joanna’s voice. Fortunately, Fate’s sister, Fortune, decided to help. She showed Oz a magical web that connected people living in kingdoms all around the world. Now it was possible for the couple to chat every day and every day their connection grew stronger. The day came when Oz knew it was time to make the perilous journey to see in person this twin who had captured his heart. His family and friends thought him crazy to embark on such a journey for someone he had never met. But, Oz listened only to his heart.

One year and two journeys later, Oz and the twin called Joanna were married. Love ignited his soul. What was once just a need to cease hunger in the morning became an art. Oz shared his culinary creations with Joanna and their friends and family, pairing them with fine wines and unique beers. Soon a dream began to take shape. A dream of a special place where Oz would share his creations and he and Joanna could welcome others to be a part of their story. In October 2010, that dream came true.

INSIDE SD: Tapas by Chef Oz of Cueva Bar | DateOxygen.com

Chef Oz & Joanna’s Dream: Cueva Bar

Oz and Joanna’s dream is called Cueva Bar and it can be found in the quaint neighborhood of University Heights. The menu is a compilation of multi-cultural dishes inspired by Oz’s varied background – beginning with his Mexican roots with dashes of the East Coast, the southern U.S. and Argentina added for extra flavor. Every item on the menu – from the scrumptious soups and stews (including his mom’s own potato and chicken tortilla recipes) to the mouth-watering empanadas and flat breads – was born inside Oz’s heart and soul. His offerings change with his creative whims so every visit offers a scrumptious surprise. What doesn’t change is the heart of Cueva Bar.

Click HERE to become part of the Oz and Joanna’s story.

Dates at Cueva Bar:

  1. Some Sunday Latin Loving
  2. Tapas & Tango Friday
  3. A Nibble of Culinary Omnipotence

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