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Potato Chip Rock (Mt Woodson Trail)


Lake Poway Park
14644 Lake Poway Road
Poway, CA 92064


Hours: Sunrise or 7 a.m. to Sunset


The Potato Chip Rock trail (AKA the Mt Woodson Trail) is the place to go for a moderate heartbeat-inducing hike with a delicious treat at the end. Potato Chip Rock is your reward for climbing to the summit of Mt. Woodson…known to the natives as “The Mountain of Moonlight Rocks” as the boulders seem to glow after the sun sets. The chip is a huge “sliver” of all that remains of a massive boulder. The trailhead is located inside Lake Poway Park on (the appropriately named) Lake Poway Road in (you guessed it) Poway. Parking (probably $5, possibly free) is available in the paved lot all the way in the back corner, just a matter of feet from the trailhead sign. Depending upon when you go, you’ll either be bobbing and weaving amongst fellow (amateur to mid-level) hikers or reveling in relative solitude. Either way you’ll definitely be marveling at the Disney-esque granite boulders everywhere you look. Allow time for a photo shoot line at the chip and to find a secluded spot to plop, smooch and soak up the views to Mexico!

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