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Fortuna Mountain Trail @ Mission Trails (Regional Park)


Near intersection of Clairemont Mesa Blvd. and Rueda Drive
San Diego, CA


Hours: Unknown


Minutes after exiting one of San Diego’s busy interstates, you’ll hit the end of one of the city’s major thoroughfares and be face-to-face with the Fortuna Mountain Trail at Mission Trails Regional Park’s Tierrasanta Staging Area. From here, you can embark on a six-mile cardio adventure across a bridge, through desert terrain, and up said mountains. Are you a follow-the-rules ask-no-questions kinda person? Then, take the advice of at least one local hiking website and follow the ‘South’ signs that go counter to the clock. Are you a bit of a renegade who might prefer a less slippery ascent? Then, by all means, go ‘North.’ Your reward for a bit of huffing and puffing up 1,700+ feet are sweeping views and a written treasure left by previous hikers in a couple of World War II-ish metal boxes. Like this one…

“My name is Patrick. In reaching the top, I have decided to go back down. I need to lose 30 pounds so I can run up the hill like that dude who flew by. Damn those ultra fit people. OK, that’s all. Oh, and I need a girlfriend.”

It’s an insult to nature to rush beauty, so leave some time to sit back and savor the views…after you’re done snooping and writing your own note. Another benefit of rebellion is passing by the picnic table under the oak tree near the end of the hike. It’s the perfect place for a post-hike reward snack.

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