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DATE MEMO: Aphrodisiacs

TO:  All Daters
FROM:  j.e. doré, Date Guru @ Date Oxygen
SUBJECT:  Aphrodisiacs

DATE MEMO: Aphrodisiacs | DateOxygen.com



Aphrodisiac = “Anything that arouses or intensifies sexual desire.”

Are aphrodisiacs real…or…all in our heads?

Most scientists are adamant it’s just the “placebo effect” kicking in and the only thing causing arousal is the power of suggestion.

Oh, those buzz killing scientists. How about we stay focused on the potential that something very real is going on regardless of the cause and use one (or more) of the following ingredients to whip up a sexy “appetizer” to serve on your next date?

➽ MACA: A relative of the radish, this root was discovered by ancient Andean shepherds at extremely high elevations. Enough said.

➽ HONEY: Whether the ancients were on to something or not, what scientist would argue that honey is an extremely effective aphrodisiac when drizzled and licked?

➽ CHILI PEPPERS: The capsaicin contained in chili peppers speeds up heartbeats, causes one to sweat, and releases endorphins that trigger feelings similar to being turned on. (A great gift idea for the perpetually single person in your life.)

➽ OYSTERS: High in zinc, which increases testosterone levels and sperm production. And, anything that looks like a vagina must increase libido, say the Romans.

➽ CHOCOLATE: Full of phenylethylamine and serotonin, both of which target the pleasure areas of the brain. It’s simple…chocolate IS as good as sex.

➽ BANANAS: Besides their phallic appearance, bananas are crucial to the production of sex hormones.

➽ GINSENG: Similar to oysters, but mimicking male genetalia, the “man root” has long been used by Asians to invigorate and rejuvenate. It has been found to sexually stimulate animals…and, our DNA isn’t that different.

➽ CELERY: There’s a reason the Romans dedicated celery to Pluto, their god of sex. After eating the juicy stalk, men sweat out a (thankfully) odorless woman-luring hormone known as androsterone.

➽ BASIL: Munch on fresh basil leaves to increase your blood flow, rev up your sexual engine, and smell like an ancient Mediterranean prostitute.

The most powerful aphrodisiac? Understanding each other.

Here’s a spicy video with some more suggestions and testimonials:


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